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Abikim is a fashion label of sandals designed in Barcelona by two brothers, Abi & Kim. The name is a tribute to their grandfather, avi [grandpa], Quim [first name]. “He was a carpenter and an artist. He used to make beautiful wooden sculptures with own hands, he worked very hard to achieve what he really desired: to create”.

Modern, comfortable and urban. So is the footwear launched by the brand under the concept “No gender. No season. There is not only one way”.
This claim wishes reflects the versatility of the brand’s footwear and breaks the limits of gender and temporality.
The brand defines itself as “unseasonal”. Abikim makes no distinction between summer and winter, day and night; it looks for versatility and calls to defend and enhance personality: “Wear them as you are”.

Manufactured in Spain, our team carefully designs each sandal for hard-wearing and to adapt to each person’s tread.
With a downtown sensibility, the result is a fashion brand rooted in a current culture.